Life Coaching with Robin Duncan


Life Coaching and Spiritual Mentoring with Robin Duncan
I am currently enrolling new clients for private one-on-one Life Coaching for Personal Growth, Relationships, Business Development and Spiritual Mentoring. 

If you are ready to dive deep into your personal, business or spiritual path and neutralize what is holding you back from your highest vision of happiness and success, I would love to help you. All of my coaching programs are infused with the spiritual principles of A Course in Miracles.

Introductory Pricing
Private One-on-One Coaching Packages
as low as $99/month
Limited Number of Spaces Available
Inquire at:
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Professional Coach & Spiritual Mentor
Robin Duncan has over 20 years of experience in Holistic Health as a National Instructor, Life and Business Coach, and Spiritual Lecturer on A Course in Miracles. She also has 22 years of experience as a CPA and CFO in Executive Management for large corporations in Finance and Internal Audit. 

As a Private Coaching Client, you have many topics to choose from for each session. Private sessions are offered by Phone, Skype or Zoom. 

Life Coaching
Personal & Relationship

  • Personal Life Coaching
    • Deep Inner Healing
    • Emotional & Physical Healing
    • Prosperity Counseling
    • Weight Loss
    • EFT Tapping for Rapid Stress Relief
    • Confidence & Self-Esteem
    • Addiction & Habit Cessation
    • Depression & Grief Counseling
    • Test & Performance Anxiety
    • Relief from Guilt & Shame
    • Fears & Phobias
    • Trauma & PTSD
    • Breaking a Negative Pattern
    • Self-Hypnosis & Guided Visualization
    • Hypnotherapy for Deep Inner Healing
    • Discovering Your Life Path
    • Financial Challenges & Credit Repair
    • How to become a Healing Practitioner
  • Relationship Counseling
    • Love Relationships
    • Attracting a Loving Partner
    • Dating & Fear of Intimacy
    • Dealing with Difficult Relationships
    • Healing in Family Relationships
    • Separation, Divorce or Betrayal
    • Forgiveness & Healing

  • Business Coaching
    • Enlightened Leadership
    • How to be a Spiritual Entrepreneur
    • Executive & Management Coaching
    • Being True to Your Vision
    • Creating a New Business
    • How to Start a Business
    • Healing Business Relationships
    • Following Divine Guidance in Business
    • Establishing Processes & Procedures
    • Tapping into the Divine Business Plan
    • Strategy & Goal Achievement
    • Integrating Spirituality in Business
    • Streamlining Business Processes
    • Morale & Team Building
    • Production & Recording
    • Online & Email Marketing
    • Creating Auto-Responder Programs
    • How to Conduct a Tele-Class
    • How to Make YouTube Videos
    • Organization & Time Management

  • A Course in Miracles Mentoring & Spiritual Coaching
    • Learning A Course in Miracles
    • How to Pray for Yourself & Others
    • Forgiveness & Grievances
    • Prayer & Healing
    • Life Path & Spiritual Development
    • Becoming Miracle-Ready
    • Getting to the Root Cause of a Problem
    • Accelerating Your Spiritual Journey
    • How to Listen to Higher Consciousness
    • How to Quiet Your Mind
    • How to Meditate
    • Claiming Your Divine Inheritance
    • Q & A’s for A Course in Miracles Application
    • How to become an ACIM Spiritual Counselor
    • Walking in Mastery
    • Next Steps

Professional Life Coaching & Spiritual Mentoring
Powerful Support at Affordable Rates 

Inquire at:
Package Options & Pricing will be sent to you


YouTube LIVE Online Healing with Robin Duncan – 4/26/19 at 12 PST

Topic: Healing from Trauma & PTSD
Special Guest: Dr. Tim Ryan
BROADCAST LIVE at Noon on YouTube ~ April 26, 2019

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